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Meet Me In Our Universe

Meet me in non-fictitious dream,

We’ll discover the countless scores of beauty

hidden beneath the wild sky &

above the staggering river

Meet me at the edge of river,

We'll see the reflection of moonlight

sparkling with delight &

hear the majestic mumbling of wild forest

Meet me at the wild forest,

To cherish the smell of pathless woods and soil

We'll see the fireflies

fluttering above the curvy mountain

Meet me at the curvy mountain,

To cherish the beauty of above

We’ll see the starry sky and shooting stars

Dazzling above purple sky

Meet me at the purple sky,

We’ll hear the whispers of clouds

And see the dance of stardust

On the stagnant waters

Over the lonely shores

Meet me at the lonely shore lines,

We’ll run bare feet

Leaving footprints on sand

While collecting the shells

And soak our feet in blue waters

Meet me inside the warm dip waters

Where the world is calm and voiceless

We’ll discover the beauty of corals

And see the majestic creatures swimming above us

Blocking the light

Resembling a tunnel

Meet me at the tunnels of light

Where the world is out of our sight

We’ll talk to our echos

And follow the distant light

Leading to the end of tunnel

And outlying bridge

Meet me at the

We'll see the beautiful cities &

their breathing lights sparkling at the street corners

Meet me at the street corner,

We'll recall the countless scores of beauty in all things

that we despise gleaming in our universe

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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