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Meet De Anna

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A narrative poem about Diana, an old soul, but an in-born rebel that refuses to conform to the suffocating environmental norms/expectations.


Trapped in a dark cage,

It’s cold, wet, and shambolic.

Rats all over the place, snakes, cockroaches, lizards.

But it still feels like home.

Deep in me it’s all I have left.


I hate transformation, but change is all I prerequisite.

I need change but I still don’t want to let go.

Let go of the crate.

And yet I feel locked in a barred enclosure.

And I don’t know how to make the change.

By all means, unassign me thee,

For I am tired of these.

Every time I try, I get stung by a bee.

Even though I am a bumble bee,

I have no strength to see,

How much I have left to be.


Enemies on all corners.

Bills on the other corner.

And I on this corner.

I tried running in every corner,

But no corner covers this owner.

My heart feels like humming beats,

My mind feels like a cargo,

My soul’s feeling is unknown,

My body feels like that of a 70 year old.

I should have seen this before.


Maybe I would have chosen a different path,

A simpler path,

A path that is followed by many,

But has less obstacles.

I should have acknowledged, how much it feels to be diverse.

I should have known how much pain and burden I’d have to carry.

I should have known there is no reward.

But it’s not my fault I was born the way I am.

And I love the way I am.

Being different makes me feel special.

But when I’m surrounded by some, it always feels lonely.

I have no capacity or energy to try and fit in.

I accepted I am an owl.

But I should have known.



I wish I could teleport,

So I can go back to the 90s.

And experience the realm of true love, friendships, and business partnerships,

And particularly in England,

A kingdom packed with acumen, class, superfluity, respect, and good mores.

And predominantly, the kind of power I wish the contemporary world have.

Because I know I’m ROYAL.

Or perhaps I’m a VIRGO.



I don’t regret saying this, but I hate this domain.

A realm that has no magic.

And the only magic mostly used is black magic.

Well I wish there was no type of magic,

And the only power we had would be good powers.

Powers to make the world a wonderland,

Not powers to destroy humanity.

But a magic that would destroy all evil,

Especially this COVID-19.


Still though,

I am not accepting that the world will always be this messy and chaotic.

I crave peace.

I crave harmony.

I crave rest.

I crave adventure.

I crave true love and friendships.

I crave my soul tribe.

I crave success.

I crave happiness for the rest of my life.


Inner Child Finally Coming Out.

Bichbum bimm!

My heart beating like a beam,

As my lyrics crawl in,

As if I’m in pizza inn.

I am back like never before!!

To continue what I stated before.

Am I even a poet?

I’m just finding myself in my lyrics.

Because I be in my feelings.

Bubbling energy,

This slowing-moving energy,

Only has energy for healthy energies.

Well, what need I say?

Their envy has made me pray,

That their peace would allow me slay.

Cause even if they prey,

I’m only here to form a happy ley,

For my generation to lay.

Not to compete, I say.


Bernie Sanders

I’mma keep pushing.

Beyond societal norms.

Perhaps I’m the calling of my calling,

Whichever calling it might be.

And as Bernie Sanders declares,

“We become stronger when men, old, gay, straight, native-born and immigrant fight together to create the kind of country we all know we can become”

I wish I would join the competition,

But I’m my only competition.

If it is to increase my imagination,

Then I don’t mind the competition.

However, will it increase my determination?


Different Makes The World Interesting.

See, I’m not scared of speaking the truth.

For we are set free by that truth.

Ask Belinda, my cat pet.

She knows she can’t compete with the pet dogs.

She has a power they can’t have.

Yet, they are bigger than her.

What I’m I saying here?

That healthy competition is all I need to hear.

Because we are all different.

And different makes the world different.

Imagine a world filled with different?

Then why are you all competing?

Values each other’s’ skills and gifts.

Because envy kills.

Together We are Stronger

It kills your dreams.

And brings out steam.

To work against others.

Instead of working with others.

Don’t be weighed down by others’ success.

Appreciate your gifts, and nurture them as well as that of others.

I don’t need attention.

I need redemption.

From the sickness of this realm.

Jealousy diagnosis is at our palms.

And we are feeding on this negativity.

Instead of spreading positivity.

Sue me, but I love folks that appreciate their own cups,

Instead of drinking from others’ cups.

I don’t mind standing alone.

Because Virgos are natural loners,

And won’t waste a minute on drainers,

Because time is of value.

And so is money.

And further time for myself.

When Virgos are envious, they go and water their own plants.


I am finally free.

Free from their bondage.

Free from their burdens.

I’mma keep the ball rolling.

And be the leader they want me to be.

I was looking for a savior,

Turned out I am my only savior.

But even superwoman sometimes needs a superman.

And superman is only compatible with superwoman.

I am no longer scared of the unknown.

Cause when I’m with Him, all the bad things disappear.

And Wonder Woman needs some rest now.


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