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Meelup Beach

I love immersing myself in the silent world beneath the ocean.



The first glimpse of the ocean
is a revelation
Clear, blue, apparently endless,
misty, wind- and spray-flecked
An appetizing patch of blue
that fills us with impatience
to arrive.

The rocks are hot
but the water,
still and clear, is cold.
I glide into the water,
pushing off across the weed beds.
My goggled vision allows me
entry to another world.
Grey-green weed sways with the wash of the ocean
Its fronds, somehow like tentacles, horrify me.

A cloud of baitfish flash by
Their silver bodies bearing iridescent stripes.
Other rock fish swim away,
darting into holes in the reef
or hanging, camouflaged, against the weed.
Further out the ocean’s sandy bottom
is patterned from the water’s movement
Tracks and holes reveal the presence of crabs.

Lifting my head,
I am back
In the world of dry land,
Hot rocks, the sun.

© 2021 Nan Hewitt

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