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Meditative Poem: Solace // is an Absence

LINDA J. WOLFF lives in Washington. She's currently the editor for online journal Wolff Poetry and resource site for beginning writers.

What is the Definition of Meditative? How Do I Use it?

Life sometimes can swallow me whole, especially in these last four years. I once was a woman who lived in a castle; a castle consumed with the richness of life.

A castle consumed with love at times, with challenges, and with death.

The definition of meditative to me is this: me, taking time to slow life down, to think before I allow my inner child to drown in suffering. To practice every day a positive vibe that grows a positive way of living.

After four years of loss, I had to focus on the person who remains in my life, and that was my beautiful daughter, for, she too was hurting. And I had to change this path of negativity.


Do You Find Yourself Seeking Solace?

"Through the window of one's soul; one never

ceases to know there is more beyond seeing,

breathing, and touching."

— Linda J. Wolff

Solace // is an Absence

Absence like dreaded darkness without shadows
and no shadow in mind.

Solace has its voice or, no-voice,
just as I wrote long ago "I don't explicitly state me
in my writing. I explicitly state my no-voice."

A poem that explicitly states the no-voice.
Everything but the voice.
The forest's camouflage of leaves, but is camouflage voice-referenced?

Early, morning, the no-voice songbird watchful to what solace has to utter.

The leaves, one of my favorite shapes,
bending there in the no-voice, moving.

If I pull the branches away like window curtains, what then?

Calmness blankets the terrain.
The dreaded darkness of myself penetrates the stumps of trees.
Leaves fall swallowing like a transgressor or a villain.

Oh. I'm crying.

Teardrops fill solace as a mother brings
to her baby no-cub's hungry tummy

something filling but a precarious morsel.

©Linda J. Wolff Oct/2018

The Human Condition is in Need of Solace


When We take Time for Ourselves We Heal


© 2018 Linda J Wolff

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