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Meditating in Nature: A Short Poem

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Dan K typically writes about "Minecraft," but he/him also writes poetry, free verse, and occasional short stories.

The warm sun
Shines across my face.
Dilation of the pupils
In response to this harsh stimulus.
Though my seeing eyes
Are temporarily blinded
By the sun's illuminating glare,
The third eye is wide open.

I hear the call of the birds
And the wind stirring the leaves.
No man's voice shall
Trample this serene wonder.
Yet I hear a great and distant shout,
Which does not stir
Beast nor bird nor evergreen;
Beckoning me, by name.

"Come, let me show you
The endless joys and sorrows.
The Infinite beauty,
And relentless pain.
These are all around,
Wherever your third eye may look.
Waiting to be uncovered
And exposed to this warm sun."

I take a deep breath;
Clean, refreshing air.
I open my eyes
And blink away the glare.
I see.
Through eyes open and closed.
I see.
Meditating in nature.

-Dan K

Eyes closed, sitting on a stone, overlooking the wide open wilderness. This is where some of the greatest contemplation occurs. Undisturbed by man, all becomes apparent for a moment. Everything makes complete and utter sense. The distractions of the world that blind us to its beauties melt away completely.

If you've never experienced meditating in nature, I strongly suggest you try it. Just be safe, and always let someone know where you're going and when to expect you back!

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