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Medicine Buddha, Have You a Prescription?

A time in my life of hiding, sadness. Yes I found an answer in a bottle. When the answer wore off I'd have another


Dear Medicine Buddha

Bound, I'm unbecoming
Sentient, yet I wander, lost
through the heavens and hells
Addicted, I've filled these senses
Six miracles, dulled with the
Little Pretty Dolls' dosings
A few of these and another day is
X'd off the timeline, future of dread
Led me to detours and debauchery
Easy to believe life is just a party
With these tiny pretty alchemists
Years passed, seeing only the grays
Shadows and Vanta blacks.
I remember magenta,
The Third Eye Indigo, crownings
of violet
How does the light leave
When I'm the life of the party?
Fear still came knocking down
The sheet rocks, seeping in
Through the baseboards
The six-year sleep
The thought of a cup of coffee
Overwhelmed me
Too many steps in the brew
Pulling in the years like saltwater
Taffy and pink cotton candy
Standing in the Breadline
I was the winner.
Torn by passion's graspings
The tug a war with fear
Now, closed and cold
Holding the wheel firmly in his grasp
Time closes in. Is there recompense?
Medicine Buddha, is there a pill
for Redemption?

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