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Medicinal Flatiron Needs

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Thought that the week was going in average direction

Had a few curveballs thrown into mix things up

One favorable; the other not so much

Sorted everything out and had an irritable demeanor afterwards

Unsure as to why the mood was semi-sour

Never trapped in a bad 1970s disaster flick

Which would be worse due to poor acting and special effects

Questionable judgment abound in a short period of time

Stuck in a different decade: the 1980s

Born in that decade, but to continue to live it

Through movies and musical tunes seemed silly

Helped with the recent rough patch of medical events

Showcased a time of innocence and when gas prices were low

An odd approach to a rather mundane routine

Understood the need to get into the present state of mind

Needed something or someone to shake it up

Not in a rough matter; due to stomach sensitivity

Left head and gut feeling like it was in a tilt-a-whirl

Knew that some approaches were blunt for a reason

Wasn't in the mood to delve into them due to early time of day

Too groggy to even think about what to have for breakfast

Uninterested in thinking too much about random thoughts

Of a future clouded by timing and medical courses

Landed on plusher pursuits such as chocolate cake for breakfast

Allowing hair to hang down figuratively and literally

No longer feeling the need to please anybody

Critics who love you in New York; might not in L.A.

There's a tough one in every crowd

Decided to stop sweating that caveat completely

Didn't work to improve product or sentiment

Just made things harder to produce with good feelings

Gave up controlling interest in going to extremes

Putting a muzzle onto personal feelings

Caused long term animosity to creep in

A sentiment to no one needed to be involved with

Making an effort to let it go and have some fun for a change

Something that everyone can get behind.

A nice start in the right direction.

A nice start in the right direction.

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