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Medication (A Poem)

Lucille is a Content, Creative, and Academic writer. She specializes in writing about love, romance, and heartbreak.


You made me forget the pain,

And beautified the scars in my skin.

You pushed the nightmares away,

And brought joy to my every day.

You constantly remind me,

That I am stronger than my anxiety.

And when I felt like giving up,

You gave me all of your love.

You're the reason I wake up each day,

Full of hope that it will be better someday.

I promise that when I'm healed,

Your heart - with love I will fill.

For now, let's enjoy these moments,

And laugh to our hearts content.

I promise to stay here with you,

If you would like the same thing too.

© 2021 Lucille Punzalan

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