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Meaningless! A Miserable Business

Parable of the Good Samaritan drawing by Bertram Poole

Parable of the Good Samaritan drawing by Bertram Poole

I have seen everything under the sun

words from the wise teacher, it can't be undone

Where has thou love gone?

A stranger was better far from the servants of God

A nobody that cares for someone he doesn't know

but a church who prays every day does not care

what his neighbors feel or brothers' bore of pain and sorrow.

Knock at their door and see the reality.

Invite them to church, don't you think you feel sorry?

lost souls are getting many

a lost church that is being easy.

Move your feet and run to them,

find them and pray for them,

guide them do not abandon them,

love them and cry for them.

It's sad to think we care to invite people only on a special occasion

but on a regular Sunday, we rush our feet to the church

because were late and no time for action!

Church people are so Busy.

Hey, brother Being Under Satan's Yoke can make you dizzy!

Love God love people is what we dream of,

but we never realized...

we set a distance from those who need a dose of God's word

like you drove far away off...

Church has set a lot of ministries

but haven't you notice?

There is a lot of chair in vacancies.

I smile because this is my ministry.

But inside, my face looks I failed a million times of decency.

Singing is nice

dancing has a prize

what about a soul that cries?

Are we a real church or a good Samaritan?

Think about it,

I feel like sometimes we push people away onto Satan.

I've seen everything under the sun

It's time for the church to win souls!

And don't leave the work of Christ undone.

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