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TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

I awaited my kiss.

She would wake me with a kiss,

And I answer her with a smile,

and I offer a kiss of my own.

That is how we wake up

Every morning.

All we breathed in was love

As me and my wife,


Did what many rarely do:

Find true love.

We completed each other.

A match destined

By a power beyond.

A power that we had no desire to comprehend,

For all we knew,

All that we ever needed to know,

Was that we loved each other,

And that was enough.

It will forever be


Meadow was an angel,


Angels are Meadow.




The three ingredients of Meadow

My favorite dish

I was quite the opposite,


I was a goblin.




The definition of ugly,

Also known as,

My twin brother.

But she loved me,

And that’s all that mattered.

We agreed to live in silence;

For our love for each other


The need for verbal communication.

Just physical,

Like our kisses…

Where was my kiss?

I began to turn around

Until that’s when I heard…

“Jerry,” she whispered softly, elegantly, but I reacted as if you screamed at your lungs’ max potential and then some. She called my name again, and though happy to once again hear my name recited in the perfect tones only you could produce, I was confused.

I questioned, “Why are you saying my name? I thought we threw all the words away?” No response. She just kept saying my name. Eventually, I realized what was happening.

“No, no, no!” I yelled as if I were at the brink of death, not ready for my time to go. Still, my name kept playing on repeat. I began to reach for her mouth, but it became too late.


“Jerry,” Dr. Meadow McLaurin exclaimed with concern, “are you still with me?” I nodded my head slowly. “Alright, I’ll continue on then. Depression, 0-10?” I held up eight fingers.

“Anxiety?” I held up seven that time. She continued her list of questions as my eyes became glued onto the clock above, sadly watching it tick on.