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I am an experienced poet. I know all formats but love writing Rhyme Poetry. I write articles as well

Radiator RHYMES

The weather is perfect for racing.

There are many out there watching.

Not only because of the race.

There is a trophy’s at stake.

Plus, they love me.

I am the thrilling rookie.

The trophies the Pistons Cup.

I gave much but not enough.

Nevertheless, I stood out.

Many saw what I was about.

I was the tracks sensation.

The old cars learned a lesson.

But an older car told me.

That I must learn to be.

More humble and less concerned.

He said I had much to learn.

Before I start really winning.

It is more than looking pretty.

The race, ended in a tie.

Out west, I’d have another try.

That will be in california.

I developed, a winning formula.

I was quickly on the way.

Until I was led astray.

To a desolate, distant land.

This land hasn't seen man.

It was void for a long time.

I didn't know, it was the perfect time.

The time I'd learn the lesson.

That will bring out of me a confession.

I’d make the land be popular.

Until than, my fame was over.

I saw that they were humble.

I felt that I was in trouble.

Out of panic, I damaged their streets.

The law still wanted me released.

The others didn't want it.

I agreed to fix it.

During it, I befriended.

The town and a known legend.

A legend that has been hiding.

He revealed the truth behind lightening.

That legend was the law.

I didn't know until I saw.

I saw his trophies.

At that point, I started asking.

Why he went in hiding.

While he was thriving.

I found he never did.

He was replaced instead.

So I chose to remain.

Until the town regained.

I sacrificed my trophy.

To make sure a legend is finishing.

I helped regain what was lost.

I found purpose when I got lost.


Lightening RHYMES

This town became my 2nd home.

Sadly, the legend moved on.

My friends revitalized the town.

It was quiet. Now it is loud.

A new mission awaits.

In Tokyo, there is a race.

A race for the world cup.

& I am all gased up.

I go and takes some friends.

In the race, I came in second.

More awaits me in Italy.

So I continued traveling.

Before I finished the race.

A camera was set in place.

With a pulse destroying.

The cars that are fueling.

Fueling with Allinol.

The fuel has to die.

To make room for another to rise.

My friend angered me.

So he decides to be unseen.

But a spy group wanted.

Him to be their agent.

He and his spy team.

Travel to Italy.

The place of the next race.

& those cameras were in place.

I decided using it.

I didn't know I may experience.

A fatal crash on the track.

But a lift changes all of that.

I was not affected.

The criminals saw that it wouldn’t.

So they planted a bomb on my friend.

That will kill me & London.

London was the place.

Where they held the final race.

That bomb was deactivated.

& my friend, made it happen.


Trainer RHYMES

The stakes are much higher.

I have gotten older.

But as long as speeds inside me.

I have the chance to be.

At the top once again.

But the fact still stands.

That I am much older.

A rookie gives me a reminder.

So I upgrade my training.

My friends sell the facility.

I have all that I need.

But I slowly start seeing.

Seeing what I tried denying.

The trainer that was training me.

Had what I had as a rookie.

I felt that a track was her calling.

A list of events.

Made me finally admit.

That she's indeed the racer.

& I was really the trainer.

Still, I was reluctant.

I trained to fulfill this purpose.

That rookie and I faced off.

Sadly, I suffered a loss.

I crashed and was disabled.

Instead, I found who was capable.

Capable to finish the race.

I put her in my place.

She finished and won it.

A new face became noticed.

Her role was on team mcqueen.

I became who I ran from being.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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