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Maybe Yesterday

I am a poet, a realist, a youtuber and an author. I have published a poetry eBook of forty seven poems. I am also a relationship expert.

Maybe yesterday


I can foresee it,

It is happening beside the sun,

There is a cloud of tears,

Flowing down Dr Brown's eyes,

He is letting me go,

Because I say so,

I was there sitting like a statue,

Feeling jelly like a jellyfish,

Oozing touches -

Like a doll in want,

But he stands still

Like a boy in doubts.

I fly away today,

Leaving tomorrow in memory,

Packing up future for

Later days;

Strolling by my past

Like it never existed;

So you can say -

Maggie Maggie,

Why have you forgotten me?

Am I that old now.



Maybe yesterday

Would have been love day,

Maybe yesterday

Would have been dwarfed,

Never ending,

Never taller,

Then I would have molded

My feelings for you;

Making it stressful

For today to wipe off.

What has happened to love?

It was there like a faithful wife,

Horny like a devoted husband,

And innocent like their children -

But today is today,

It was never easy

To give birth to now:

Who knows -

We may have birthed


I am gone.


© 2019 Jade George Anibor

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