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Maybe it Would Have Been Different

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I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


It broke out suddenly

In the 1918 according

To history and killed

About 100 million people

Before it could be

Stopped. As at now

It is yet considered

To be the most

Devastating disease in modern

History because of its

Virulence. It is called

Spanish influenza H1N1 virus

As technology advances with

More insight into many

If not all scientific fields

Diseases are arrested earlier

Assuming what broke out

In Wuhan in December

2019 was to break

Out during this period

It is likely that

Its effect would have

Been wide and perverse

Than what it is now

But for the use

Of technology and internet

The ugly heads of

The disease Covid-19

Are been severed by

Brave men and women

Who are ready to

Lay down their lives

Yea, some have forsooth

Lost their lives in

Ensuring that the menace

Be stopped soon.

The history of the

Pandemic has been changed

From getting close to

That of H1N1 virus

Because of the combinations

Of experts, technology, science,

Internet that this generation

Has been blessed with.


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