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Maybe We've Lost It

What is truth,

How many are there

What does it do,

Where should it be

How is it perceived

Who do you look to

When you need it

And why has it not been

spoken to me

Is it a feeling,

Is it a yearning

Is it something we all seek

When you are lonely,

When you are hungry

Does it bring comfort

or greed?

Tell me a story

But one without sadness

Is it still better,

Or is it still empty

Without loss, and sadness, and fear

Maybe we’ve lost it,

Amongst all the pretense

Of what we were meant to be

© 2020 Dariann Gretz


Dariann Gretz (author) from Gas City, IN on November 25, 2020:

That was the goal! :)

Shafqat M from UK on November 25, 2020:

Truth's bounds are unfathomable, one can suppress it as much as possible but it can't be lost. One way or the other, it percolates through loads of lies to confront slander mongers and to stand for itself! Great poem, very thought-provoking, at least got me thinking about truth!

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