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Maybe We Were Meant To Be

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Creating poem is one of my hobbies. I wanted to share them so I look for a site to do it.

Once upon a time

I saw my future in your eye

You caught me in just a glance

I trusted my heart in your hands

Then our hearts moved closer to one another

Feels like we have our own world when we’re together

Those eyes of yours resemble my world

To grow with each other, we have each other’s word

Time flew and our feelings grow weak

You are not coming anymore whenever I’m sick

I don’t know what happen to what we had

Did I do or said something that is bad?

The love we felt for each other faded

Promises that we will face every challenges ahead

The promise of forever we uttered to each other

Now seems unimportant and never really mattered

Smiles we have together back then

Is now impossible to happen again

You already chose the path you wanted

Now our ways are really separated

Are we not meant for each other?

What did I do to be hurt by my lover?

Were the feelings we felt just illusions?

What did we do to arrive at this conclusions?

I think at some point in time we were meant to be

But given some competitors, you didn’t choose me

So the result will be my own destruction

I won’t fight because you already made your decision

You gave up everything we had

I hate to admit it but I’m kind of sad

Now I’m left behind I need to move on

Forget all the pain I have undergone

© 2017 Arjay

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