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Maybe In Another Life


In another life maybe I can be free.
Maybe I can utter swear words without flinching.
Maybe I can love whoever I want and be loved deeply.
Maybe I can laugh out loud even when people, disgusting people are around.
Maybe I can walk around the house naked.
Maybe I can shout. Loud.
In another life maybe I can make things happen.
Maybe I will learn to pray.
In another life maybe my pillow will be free from tears at night.
Maybe my blanket will comfort and not make me suffocate.
Maybe I will be fearless and take risks.
In another life maybe I will not whisper in the dark anymore.
To take away the fears and pain.
Maybe I will be strong.
Maybe I will be fearless.
Maybe I will be able to say what I feel and stop clenching my fist when it's too much.
Maybe I will not get jealous of people too much.
Maybe I will find happiness in simple things.
Maybe I will stop pushing myself to be liked by people who are not worthy.
Maybe I will be funny enough to make people stay.
Maybe I will not be so emotional at times that I push people away.
Maybe I will be able to see myself as someone special and worthy of love and trust.
Maybe I am asking too much.
Maybe there's no other life.
Maybe I am delusional.
Maybe I just need a good cry.
Maybe I can be happy now.

© 2020 Old Notebook Poetry

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