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May You Fall in Love

love poetry

God bless you
Someone separate you from him
Forget your lips laughing
May your eyes be full of joy

So whoever sees it stops
He looked down and shouted
If he listens to her, what will he do?
You don't even have friends
So let him be alone

You felt that rain of Hajar
So pray every moment of meeting
Shatter your dreams
So let him choose the crumbs

So turn around
So let the street shout
Your house will burn in front of you
Your bus could not go out
This is the prayer that came from your heart
Don't let anyone burn down the house

Love you then
By reciting such rosaries

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© 2021 Muhammad Mudassir


Muhammad Mudassir (author) from Mianwali on March 06, 2021:

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