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May Be I Wish

Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes we misunderstand each other, but do you know what runs in your partner's mind?


Whatever I did, I did and I can't undo
Worse is whatever I said

Yes I regret, but not much
Simply because am not perfect, and I know it
And are you?

I just wish I didn't apologize
Or make any effort

Damn I feel bad
I hope you've never messed up before
And you won't

All I wanted to hear was her voice
To me it seems all she wanted to hear was me mess up

Will I ever make such calls again?
I hope I don't,
What if I pronounce hello wrongly?
I hope I get the energy to at least text

Or should I stop joking?
I hate my humor,
Not for everyone

But may be she wanted perfection
And I know I can't be perfect
So should I stay, hide, tell me

How fast can a laugh turn to a ...
Was it real?
Is any of this real?

I wish I wasn't sorry
What came after was worse
I wish it was intentional

Or, should I just get used to that nature
Is that your real nature?
I wish I saw it earlier

At least I know you better now,
But am afraid of you now,
What if I mess up again tomorrow?

I ain't going to make any other effort
Am better at goodbyes than Sam Smith

Next time I'll find something better to do
May be wash the ocean...

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