May I Get to Quit the Race...

Updated on May 2, 2018

...death feels to be better than being alive..

The sun went below the horizon
and day converted itself to night.
Kept in a dark room,
the light was beyond my sight.

I heard the footsteps again,
strongly hitting the floor.
With hands tied and legs chained,
I tried to draw myself away from the door.

My legs started shivering
and body remained cold.
Every night I had to face the same,
since the time I was sold.

He then opened the door
and hit it hard back.
With tears in eyes and sweat on face,
I somehow hid myself behind the rack.

He grabbed my hair
and dragged me on bed.
"Be silent or you'll be beaten with belt"
were the words he said.

The body full of wounds,
required to have a soft covering.
But with the same pain,
each and every night I was suffering.

At the age of thirteen,
I got sold on the name of marriage.
At a very small age,
I faced the pain of miscarriage.

I don't know ,
how many times I'll again be sold.
"A girl is meant for this only"
Each one of them told.

I am waiting for the day,
when I'll be able to quit this race.
Even the death would be a better option
and heaven, a far better place.


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    • Aishwarya Mishra profile image

      Aishwarya Mishra 2 weeks ago from Kolkata

      No actually I initiated this on my own. I have started my own channel on youtube and page on fb known as Raise Your Voice for the justice of girls. Hoping the NGOs and other people to join this initiative soon .

    • Aishwarya Mishra profile image

      Aishwarya Mishra 2 weeks ago from Kolkata

      Hi RTalloni! Due to these crimes happening against women, I myself have taken the initiative to raise my voice because until and unless every youth starts taking action on these such crimes, they'll keep on happening.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 weeks ago from the short journey


      It is so sad to know that this reality is still the story of so many. To think of why those in these communities go along with such practices is hard to believe. Could you add info on organizations that speak up and reach out on behalf of victims and/or info on how other people can do the same?