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May Flower


Flowering, the early greeters of May,

Saying hello to all, in a positive way.

Reds, yellows, blues and the greens,

Dappled in rainbows, sorts of sheens.

Bring good tidings for each one to see,

Opening a lock of new spring, by its key.

Sweet scents of bright flowers in the air,

Grandest salutations sent by all to care.


A most fitting time is a month in each may,

Mothers of our lives so wonderful we say.

There's a special day devoted to each one,

A precious tribute from a daughter or a son.

Mother, this time may never ever compare,

In letting you know just how much we care.

Our love sent in tribute seems not enough,

Expressing your devotion, in times so rough.


Please know that we adore you mother so dear,

You are the fine reason each one of us is here.

Without you, we'd be lost, never could we survive,

You've given us such a gift, the reason we're alive.



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