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May America Heal


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


Just for a sake of a rather superficial comparison, think for a moment what's making these fine people of the United(?) States of America so different from peoples of, say, Scandinavian countries, or Iceland, Switzerland...and alike.

I'm not talking about the size, political arrangement, natural resources, or climate. I am talking about the mentality of people in those countries which appears so much healthier, so much more at peace with themselves and with others.

Seen through the prism of one individual example, they remind of a dude who is focused on what he wants -- where an American dude keeps obsessing over what he doesn't want.

It doesn't really take a historian-turned-shrink to spot something unhealthy there. Riches and military power can't sugarcoat the fact how this, otherwise great, nation keeps giving an impression of someone who proverbially "doesn't really know if they are coming or going".

While they may claim all they want about themselves, with all those rich people -- who don't define the prosperity of the great majority -- American standard of living is not in the first, but thirteenth place on the global list.

Now, not trying to play that above mentioned "historian-turned-shrink", I believe that many honest Americans will agree with this assessment, not stubbornly parrot their usual slogans of "being the greatest in the world". Patriotism is fine, but it's not supposed to be blind.

Namely, unless we see that something is going wrong, we have a very slim chance of changing it -- and in this case we are talking about healing of the soul of this wonderful nation that deserves peace and harmony after a rather turbulent past and present.

The following two pieces of my prose in rhymes are not criticizing or mocking, but simply pointing at something that needs healing.

Peace May Seem Like an Unattainable Goal, but It's Never Too Late to Change Our Collective Mind and Give It a Chance.

Peace May Seem Like an Unattainable Goal, but It's Never Too Late to Change Our Collective Mind and Give It a Chance.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it won't replace you as a driver.

-- Ayn Rand

A Pissed Off America

First it was the Native folks who got in the way

many killed, some contained, problem went away

but then, all of the Blacks suddenly decided to stay

after granted freedom, and somehow it didn't feel O.K.

Mexicans got useful by performing cheap job

welcomed as such -- or so it would only seem

for, soon they got classified as intruding mob

when they dared to share American Dream.

Ethnic varieties merely passing for a joke

as America was turning into a melting pot

with forefathers only some European folk

now the national pride being pushed a lot.

Then political differences created deep gap

and that's become a fuss of a different kind

if not about minorities, then a political crap

brother hating brother for an opposite mind.

Then even that somehow wasn't enough

as the whole world got after American ass

new policies enforced unfriendly and tough

to secure supremacy over that hostile mass.

Imaginary enemies becoming a political must

turning even good friends into dubious allies

paranoid eyes couldn't spot anyone to trust

all that nothing but Big Money in disguise.

Constantly at war -- under one or another excuse

and if we follow the money we'll come to the truth

while just parading as if "tightening some screws"

after that not convincing one of a tooth-for-a-tooth.

American people, that biggest of all treasure

which has from ever kept their America great

turned servant to this weird political pleasure

with peace of mind seemingly hard to create.

We Are Selective at What We Reveal about Ourselves, and also Selective at What We Choose to See in Others

We Are Selective at What We Reveal about Ourselves, and also Selective at What We Choose to See in Others

Paranoia has reached extreme levels. I sneezed in front of my laptop and the antivirus program started.

-- Unknown

Russia the Boogieman

There's an insane network of global spying

with all biggies interfering with others' affairs

and that's one point worthy of some clarifying

maybe just to remove a bit of existential scares.

Russians are no angels, nothing to defend there

but if you see our own spies as innocent saints

you are missing something about being fair

as we should hear others' complaints.

Your best friends and allies are spying on you

even in your own country there are foes

but don't get excited, it's nothing new

that's how our life on earth goes.

Media is a selective business, you know

they won't report our own wrongdoing

but accusing others turns a big show

with window to one-sided viewing.

When you hate someone you can't be objective

not seeing reasons you give others to hate you

our patriotism is known to be overly selective

so what's the point of knowing what's true.

For we have toppled governments we didn't like

and applied economic terrorism as if just for a fun

here and there also adding to it a big military strike

fighting our friend's enemies, and we're still not done.

Russians will forever stay that boogieman of choice

and yes, they may even justly deserve that name

at least for as long as we ignore their own voice

for it takes more than one to play that game.

Groundless paranoia is hurting American soul

you can't be at your peace by disturbing one

keeping out of sight any constructive goal

not waving with a rose, but with a gun.

© 2020 Val Karas

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