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May 21st - National Anti-Terrorism Day

Sinful Passels

The passels

Who steals the peace

And do not carry the kindness

In their heart

The hard-hearted assassin

Who thieve the harmony

And gain the triumph

From the deaths

The blood thirsty men

Who seeks for hate and fear

And prepares the war

With flak and fire

The barbaric being

Who interrupts the tranquility

And makes the world hopeless

With the panic of quietus

My people around the countries

Have suffered the terror

Paid the awful cost


Still suffering the torment

They never deserved

Does it even matters?

The last thing they saw

Was violence

The last thing they speak

Was the words of beseech and implore

The last thing they heard

Was Yelp and Wail of others

The land has heard them screaming

Screaming with Agony

The air holds the whiff of their blood

As they sleep in deadly peace

All they crave was LIFE

All they fought for was LIFE

But now the boxes were loaded with

Innocent beings

To burry them in darkness

To be free

And start their new journey

Towards eternal light

And we will remember them

Ever and


- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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