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Renewal, Maturity and Purpose. Monday's Inspiration 82

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"The poet beckons tomorrow's dream-dawn and then transforms tomorrow's dream-dawn into today's reality-day. It is a deplorable mistake we make when we try to understand poetry...poetry is to be felt. Poetry is to be loved."- Sri Chinmoy

"When the New Year dawns, we have to make ourselves conscious of the fact that we have to transcend ourselves this year. We have to go beyond our present capacity, beyond our present achievement. When we have that kind of firm determination, God showers His choicest Blessings upon us." - Sri Chinmoy


A Kaleidoscope of Easter and Spring. A free-style Sonnet.

Beauty always lends itself to my enchantments.

I gaze with wonder, as the myriad daffodils awake,

Their scented yellow unfolding, whispering to

The magnificence, of an undulating plateau.

Daisies – red and white – glimmer, hugging the

Serenity of Mama Gaia, as the light dances upon

The verdure of leaves and butterflies, waltzing with

The shimmering rays, from the perennial heavens.

Across the hills, clouds of violet and ashen merge;

Exchange glances. White snowdrops and tulips converse; as

They unfurl and begin to glow, emitting praises to the miracle

Of Love. A quintessence of splendour stabs my Heart, as the cute

Bunny cradles its basket. The eggs jump above a pink ribbon,

Finally hanging – like balloons - within the foliage of dazzling hues.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 29th March, 2021.


Maturity and Purpose

As a child, I cannot say that I threw all concerns

To the zephyrs - which I did - but more that I was

Guided by instinct to my mother’s bosom, and the

Gentle art of spontaneity, innocence and surrender.

I thought naught of the indignity of foul pooh in

Public places, nor the warm fluid that flowed from

My naked anatomy, only to drench my mother’s dress.

I was endowed with the naïveté of childish pranks.

Speaking and walking were fun. I moved from ‘blah, blah’,

To ‘da da’; from crawling to standing and ‘repita Ud, otra vez.’

Later I learnt the gentle art of exploitation; of how to cry

With intensity when I needed feeding; of how to take control.

By-bass the many dares at school, and I have learnt the subtle

Art of smiling to hide my flaws; to cheat while suffering no loss.

I can now walk and run, use my defensive skills at the office;

Charm my way into the hearts of many beauties, like some do.

Yet I failed to realize that maturity without purpose is

Meaningless. I faced many challenges, made mistakes

Along the way, my mind bleeding with the pangs of

Restlessness, penury and despair, until I was born anew.

Looking at the gem-stone beauty of the moon one

Visionary night, I learnt, once again, to smile. This time

With the twinkling stars as my companions; the brilliance

Of an immortal dawn, hugging the serenity of my existence.

Cheating and charm were now of no use to me, as the inner

Light I needed to find happiness, flowed not only from the luminosity

Of daybreak, but descended with the Citadel of the sun. At long last I

Knew who I was and why I came here; what was necessary, to return Home.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 27th March, 2021


Wisdom from the Master

"To try to understand a poem is like touching a rose with innumerable thorns. To try to feel a poem is to lovingly hold a rose without a single thorn. And to love a poem is to grow immediately into the beauty and fragrance of the rose itself."- Sri Chinmoy

"Every day, when morning dawns, we should feel that we have something new to accomplish. We are running and every day we are advancing. If we are aspiring, we are always in the process of running." - Sri Chinmoy


© 2021 manatita44

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