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Match Made in the Fourth Circle of Puppy Love Mayhem

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Everyone is eager to find someone to pair up with

Going through life with in any special capacity

Whether it was meeting them at work

Or walking around the dog park one day

What happens when two curious dog owners

Chose to pair up their Siberian Husky and Basset Hound

Secretly it was because the owners were eager themselves

For a love connection of their own and use their pets as cover

A recipe for disaster that everyone within a 10 mile radius

Saw coming and privately cringed about as they watched

Except their clueless owners looking for a hook-up ignored them

Soufflés falling into the bottom of their baking pans in sadness

Turtles burying their heads in their shells for days on end

Bedrooms getting trashed with torn pillows and duvet covers

An argument from even the strongest of couples will commence

Huskies always looking to get from one point to another

Without a moment's hesitation and are always on a mission

Always having a plan or some broad strokes of one going

While Basset Hounds are a much quieter breed of animal

Flying by the seat of their metaphorical pants

Never thinking about the future for more than five minutes at a time

Let's just say that their personalities will never sync up

A divorce would be imminent from the starting line

Driven crazy by the neediness of one looking for constant approval

Always pleading for a hug or to be walked around the block

At least twice a day without giving much in return to the walker

Also irritated by the cold distance of the other looking for the door

A heart that's four sizes too small with the emotional growth of an ant

A sociopath in the making with the headlining role in a Dateline episode

Best to be direct when breaking up with a Basset Hound

They never seem to get the hint when you're playing them off

Hard to do when you always staring into the saddest eyes

Known to man as if they had never seen a day of happiness in their lives

Ones that would rival Eeyore's and Winnie the Pooh's

Especially after he finished his last honey pot in his pantry

Having to bite the proverbial bullet and take the plunge

Off a ledge scarier than the one Butch and Sundance jumped

Ready, set, break-up with something that was doomed from the start

A lot more difficult than you may think; not knowing what the reaction

Will end up being on the news or just a passing moment

Only time will tell if the end will be a relief or the start of a new nightmare

Be prepared to have the police on standby just in case.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.