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Masterpiece (The Poem)

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Jo has been writing since she was 11 years old. She loved the escape and feel that words bring. She took an elective in English.


Darkness thought it reflected my soul
My life in You was a black hole,
You conceived what my eyes did shield
Life in Your Son where darkness hasn’t lived.

I thought I knew everything
But I was wrong in my way of understanding,
All those mountains you pushed into the ground
All those storms you calmed down,

I know now that you always looked out for me
All those oceans of living water I couldn’t see,
Soaking up from beneath feet
Drenching my soul and wiping me clean,

I surrender to You Lord
I acknowledge you, God,
Realizing I’m set apart
I seek your heart,

So breathe in me the life of Your love
Let darkness tremble for what's above,
This pit I dug never did exist
This pain is nothing but an unpleasant mist

I give myself to you
In wholehearted gratitude,
Darkness can’t follow me
Can’t touch what has been set free,

Crush me, Break me, Mold my heart
For I am clay and scrapes of art
Broken and covered in scads of crease
So You could make Your MASTERPIECE.

© 2022 Jo

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