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Master of the Craft : Masterpiece


Jeff Zod enjoys classical poetry. He enjoys reading poetry from great historical poets as well as modern poets.

In his image flawless he created,

Man to rule earth and creatures,

In his hands he molded, gave breath,

Authority he bestowed upon man,

Garden of Eden provided it all,

Mankind never made from word,

Beauty is all he saw in creation,

We are his proud masterpiece.

Pieces they break us he glues,

With cruelty life feels worthless,

Like a cancer eating us away,

One by one walking further away,

Trouble they see you, they run,

Faceless they want to paint you,

They forget you are a masterpiece,

Created pleasing to your maker.

Backs turned away none to face,

Fingers pointing name calling,

Tagging reject across your face,

In a dark pit throwing your person,

Holding you deep suffocating,

Imperfect they make you be,

Their words poisoning your mind,

They forget you are a masterpiece.

A masterpiece you are no scars,

Proudly God image and likeness,

A corner stone he will make you,

Imperfections their only creation,

They poison you, be an antidote,

Rise and take a walk in gladness,

Light up your face make them see,

For you are, a golden masterpiece.

© 2019 J Zod

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