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Mask of Happiness

Sometimes we try to hide our feelings so that others don't notice. We act like we're happy when we are not. The poem has a message for yo



I wear a mask of happiness
And act like all is well.
Putting smiles on faces
With great skills and enthusiasm.

Acting like a clown
With a strong sense of humor,
Making the downcast giggle
And impressing the depressed.

Playing the role of a therapist;
Yet deep down, I'm in need of one.
My heavy soul falls apart
And everyone seems to be far apart.

Happiness is not for everyone,
Maybe I do not deserve to be happy;
Just as 'like' poles of the magnet,
Happiness and I always repel.

Challenges of life drown me
And no help is around me.
An inner voice says, 'Just give up'
Another says, 'Don't give up'.
Both voices engage in a tug of war
With frantic efforts to win me.

Despite my predicament,
I wear a mask of happiness
And brighten other faces.
Silently I fight my battles
While I hope for the beginning of the end.

© 2020 Xmith Literature

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