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Mask Of The People

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


She had observed.
Observed herself for years.
But she had observed others too.
Seeing something that she herself saw within her.

She saw that everyone was just like her.
A flawless public facade that masked a private despair.
Only her and herself only knows this.
And she believes others have it too.

She hides her sadness.
Just like everyone else.
She hides her hurt.
Just like everybody does.

She puts on a mask.
A very pretty mask.
That only the world sees.
But there would be one who sees beneath it.

She had one in mind.
Her walls just came down just for this person.
Because this person saw her as herself.
Not just a girl with a pretty mask.

Not all people are priviledge to have that someone.
But keep in mind that somewhere,
Someone out there sees you as you.
They're hiding too with their mask.

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