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Marvelous RHYMES

Ryan is an article writer. He uses all formats to write his articles.

The Avengers

The tesseract has awaken.
There is an army waiting.

Its on earth with Nick Fury.
It's actions introduced me Loki.

I'm a true Asgardian.
I was born with glorious purpose.

I was an infant when I was found.
So I grew up around.

I grew up around royalty.
I'm related to the God of lightening.

I arrived & took care of business.
I destroyed & Nick asked permission.

To get earths mighty heroes.
To stop me from getting Control.

Shield called Black Widow.
She agrees to join the show.

Widow brings in the Hulk.
Two members show there's hope.

Nick's tracked the soldier down.
The soldier that's been around.

Another with a suit of armor.
Only made the team a lot stronger.

They tracked down and detained me.
They cuffed me to take me.

To a well secured facility.
Until my brother came and took me.

Things looked to go as planned.
In that place, they ended up mad.

Mad at one another.
What I planned was coming together.

My brother was added to the pack.
I escaped, all looked in tact.

Sadly, it all deceived me.
They unified, & defeated me.

Nick didn't ask permission.
He told them the team to avenge it.



I was a distant kid.
New York is where I live.

I was once with my parents.
When they left, I relocated.

With close relatives.
I grew up but still lived.

My youth in much trouble.
Until a bite changed my struggles.

Meanwhile, my friends rich father.
Saw a company in danger.

A company that was his.
He sacrificed to witness it.

All go down the drain.
So he decided to end the pain.

Like me, he didn't suffer a bite.
But there was a change in his life.

A change that was very toxic.
Immediately, his reign started.

He started killing.
I started searching.

For a suit that will cater.
To all of my new features.

At first, I felt sick.
After rest, I saw the gifts.

My senses became sharper.
I protected the city from danger.

One just happened to be.
The Goblin that roamed free.

Killing people in the city.
Before killing himself with his pity.


Venomous Rhymes

I gave U a portion in Spider Man.
But in this, I have a bigger plan.

Eddie Brock is still apart of it.
& he still isn't being respected.

He loses his dream girl.
After seeing her as his world.

He needed a life change.
So that he could re-gain.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia.
A comet's put a ship is in danger.

A symbiote surrounds it.
& Carlton Drake has found it.

He's CEO of Life Foundation.
That ship was carrying.

Carrying four alien samples.
That need hosts for survival.

Sadly, one of us escaped.
& what's left was taken by drake.

He studied them in his lab.
While Brock struggled on his path.

Until he's told by a scientist
That Drake plans destruction.

Brock's reluctant to stop it at first.
Until he sees his ex being re birthed.

Brock later, breaks in the lab.
& I violently grabs.

Grabs his body.
Brock later begins displaying.

Displaying very strange behavior.
Later on, he discovers.

He discovers that something's inside.
That's smart and very much alive.

It's the last one of it's kind.
His others in the lab have died.

So Drake hunts after him.
& I turned Brock into a monstrous.

I became a monstrous creature. .
The city saw all I had to offer.

I later told that I was in Malaysia.
I was in that comet that endangered.

We often Search for life planets.
To devour all of it's inhabitants.

I later, offer to spare Brock.
If he makes sure the goal doesn't stop.

But Brock loves my benefits.
Later, he shows the evidence.

The evidence of Drakes intentions.
Soon after, Drake realizes.

That Brock is the symbiote.
That helped him became this superhero.

He was engulfed with riot.
Who came to earth on a mission.

The two first became friends.
Riot convinced drake to begin.

Begin tracking me down.
Soon enough, I was found.

But the ending he expected.
Came with painful consequences.

We stop it and stop drake.
Before it all got to late.

I wanted to destroy planet earth.
But I changed, to protect planet earth.

Brock regained all that he lost.
But being it, is going to cost.


I am Red Skull

We went to Norway on a mission.
To be apart of a powerful vision.

A vision that included the Tesseract.
That has the power that will let.

That will let me rule this planet.
But I knew it won't easily happen.

Dr. Erskin knew all about me.
He knew what I transformed to be.

So he built what could only stop it.
I stopped him, but not the expriment.

I destroyed Erskins lab.
But the soldier was coming to grab.

To grab me and end it.
So I enhanced my forces.

I was prepared when he came.
I revealed my drastic change.

My operation was standing tall.
But that soldier made it all fall.

I was defeated.
My plan abruptly ended.

We both lost the tesseract.
But the beauty is knowing that.

That earth is still in trouble.
That soldier will still find struggles.

Another enemy is coming.
& I am just recovering.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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