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Marshmallow High


It's One Of Those Days

Where anything goes

The other day we were food shopping and marshmallows were on sale

Two bags for a dollar

They had a whole big bin

I instantly wanted to buy all of them

I don't have marshmallows often

When I do eat them

I love everything about them

These weren't the average or the jumbo ones

They were the tiny mini ones

They are so much fun

So many in one bag

Soft and squishy

I pop a few in my mouth and wait to see what happens

Little puffs of joy

A sweet kick after a long day

I could add them to a bowl of ice cream

Then again I could cover them with chocolate

I am too lazy

I will just eat them

I should stop

I really don't want to

They contain sixty percent corn syrup, thirty percent sugar

and one percent gelatin

They have no nutritional value

After a few handfuls

I had my fill

I put them back on the shelf

Where they will sit

Until next time

When I need a little pick me up


DREAM ON (author) on September 06, 2021:

Srushti Gamit Marshmallows all day. They are a fun food to play with. You can pick up one or two with your fingers. No forks are needed. If you have any new ideas let me know? Remember not to have too many. They are a good sweet treat. Thank you for reading and sharing. I love having fun in simple and loving ways. Have a great day. Happy writing.

Srushti Gamit on September 05, 2021:

This is really fun to read!!

Your poem literally has every single thought we have before, during and after eating Fluffy sweet Marshmallows.

This is so me, I always wanted to be so creative while having them like I want to dip them in chocolates or add them with some other desserts but being too lazy I just munch them as it is. So relatable.

Thanks for sharing.

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