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How to Accept a Marriage Proposal.


I will marry you.

My heart quickly beats for you,

As I try to answer you darling,

And respond to your desire

I thirst for you,when I see and meet you

I yearn for my one true love

This lovely feeling, my king ,

This lovely feeling controls me my king.

It's another remarkable year,

And true love still holds us sweets,

Wishing us the best in love my king

Your lovely flower and Queen will sing

Want to be yours for ever my king.

And make you, mine my moon

And make me yours while you mine soon

The sun shines in day,

The moon brightens the dark sky,

The stars, Honey, they are

A remarkable feelings of touch

That we, feel when together

For they don't struggle to shine- us

For they don't struggle to shine- us

I want to be yours forever,

I want to be yours darling,

To hold,touch,cherish and adored

Loved by you forever sweety

Yes my love yes! I will marry you.


© 2020 Millicent Okello

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