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Married Life What It Is And What It Isn't

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From My Own Experiences

I am no expert

Nineteen years of marriage

This is what I have learned

You both took vows to love each other

That's all I needed to know

From that point forward

Game on

I will do everything and anything to make it work

I threw out the excuse book

You may ask all kinds of questions

None are off the table

If my advice helps great

If it doesn't there are thousands of experts out there to tell you different

Let's begin

How is it to be married?

Amazing waking up in someone's arms

Going to bed after a busy day

With someone who has your best interest and supports you better than a back brace

Not all things in life are funny

That is true

But what else can I do?

I can be upset and aggravated

Then again I can find little bits of humor

That might change our minds and our outcome

So I share my marriage in an ongoing poem

It has a special place

It starts in my home

What do you do when you disagree?

I kiss more than ever

If we don't see eye to eye

I have to find a way to break down those roadblocks and barriers

A kiss does the trick

For we got married because we found love

That love started long before our first kiss

It was more what I wanted love to be

More what my wife wanted love to be

Together we made the sparks fly

Everything is o.k.

As I watched the fire department drive-by

So here is a glimpse

If you would like more

Come on over and knock on my door

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