Marriages Food of the Magnate

Updated on December 12, 2017

This is an eating "Enterprise" Rise from your rainbow of colors of food seats a science like no other can't be beat

A Love and Marriage of food Magnification just relax like it's your next vacation. It's eminence it will leave you in a trance

We need more patience time for planning.

So much posting postprandial somnolence.

Your best foods in France

Love and marriage petit four

The finest ingredients pour

Marriage to be obedient

"Patience is a Virtue"

Like a Professor of food, it's so deliciously

She's the artist melts and blends so deviant

"Painting the Marriage" what colors would you use?

Everything is a color does it stay true

A + love so valent.

Like a science within us, food is desirable

but a family of richness talent.

Our Galley Kitchen spices like a science

He's like the tycoon of the magnet

Your eyes sleepy "Racoon"

Like a magnification of love

He's the Baron with the richest herd

of sheep's

Your digestion tryptophan

Roses all over the quilts "I love you"

he quotes deeply within

Being a sweet potato your marriage

Gold ticket of casserole's winner lotto

Food significant deep thought

like the movie role you're finished

Science the anatomy perished

The apples of cider spiced chilled

More advice "Applique" how it's written

is it true? Or mystique with magnification

Hot food steams like a furnace, different

flavors of taste

What marriages like demolition breakdown

Antique so old divine things hold low down

He's Looking up traffic moves with cars

But the stars just stay so "City of Soho"

Marriages come and Divorce's that once were

Those frequent traveler to "Rome" once there

You breathe out to take another breath help me

Who is out there to listen

How much time do we have for what it's worth

All you see are new births to have and to hold

Everything feels out of touch Avatar hot

But it's like the time of depression shot

You keep shredding more tears still

eating jolly the fine bites of "Holly"

Those abdominal crunches no belly

Apple sparling Sipp Organic

More marriages built with love gigantic

Love became an assignment

Your quite the product so regimented

Life keeps changing your so aware of what's

rearranging like a sense of Realism

People are fighting the City got terrorism

Who will bring you to safety this futurism

All food and zest at your coolest best crafty

Radiating and sparkling you put a big smile on

you are the world we are all food of hearts


Emotional eating heart to the soul what a needing.We are all emotional with passion but food keeps us together great fashion

These food are like an Aphrodisiac what an Aphrodite

Your the "Apple of my Eye" what a Jubilee wearing all your food colors like some quality time Apple Bread so apple peachy

Here's a recipe so ripe as can be how we love our bread so let's take

a bite instead.

Apple Spice Bread

1/12 cup of flour

1 cup of sugar how a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

1/2 teaspoon of salt

4 teaspoons of cinnamon

2 teaspoons of cloves

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

3/4 cup of Olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

2 eggs

And the best apples 1 big one Apple crisp

Bake on 350' for 60 minutes

Wella delicious and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Going to the supermarket your best shopping spree

Feeling free everything became Apples I apple also Sipp Organics

Make this your holiday doesn't stop the panic. Apple Spice hold

your marriage like a pudding holds thick like rice. And don't let anyone

give you the wrong advice.But the postman might ring with a

bunch of apples twice

That hot warmly not standing online you're looking so divine your the apple of his eye so smile and dig into his heart of your pie.

Marriages of love

here's to your health

Food and Science drinks up Fate

Sometimes we are down to our

"Last Dollars"

Do you remember every time before you

went to school Mom hollering telling you

to eat healthily and not to be late

Does our food hold our answers like the time of fate

So unrelenting they always say food is Gods sending

Trying to be sincere your cheeks shine like the apple

More unfinished not as a whole earthly marriage

So tired and exhausted the right foods to choose

Your gravity like a science you got lifted

But food became your hobby

Like a diamond in the rough

You started clicking your heels

The best sparkle of ruby

slippers looking up at the stars and dipper

Then you wanted to drink The Sipp

Like the holy water

So organic and clean crisp

All I had to do put Sipp to my lip

Like a Ship on the Titanic

All aboard the smells were divine

Drinks were coming around gigantic

But they were being shared I wished they

were all mine

They sizzled and sparkled seeing

the "Elders Flower"

Sipp the Lemon clean like"Rain"

good thing Godly shower

Eyes sizzle my heart of rainbow

set in food and science e win

Like a razzle things undeniable

The love of food and fate

is capable our gravity low sugar than high

What is way below your feeling slightly low

But just remember who you are

Your the whole

food of thought show

Feeling like Ginger flavor

"Ginger Blossom" seeing possums

Singing with hum's flowers of wintery mums

looking at the Art Deco-like a science

Culinary of foods painting

More people were coming but they

got their "Sipp" rainbow it's your bet

of colors no waiting until the sunset

For more drinks gathering of Sipp

How love was blooming my Sipp

was amazing

We were all gleaming another

sparkling sip

of mystical dreaming On the internet,

Sipp Streaming

Like a family Sipp of trees

next flavor

"Mojo Berry" how it pours

Mon Cherrie

Meeting another flavor

"Summer Pear" more

happy tears and what fun hours

We became the perfect pair every year

The Holiday and every day like Sipp array

So many organic flavors the perfect balance

Sipp up like your in your "Oasis"

Sometimes we all need help


You are the Lady of the

"Sipp Palace"

What is fate what do you really want to confess

Food and science is something to address

Let's find away to go "Raw" the right healthy way without one bad flaw we should do something now it's never to late

© 2017 Robin Carretti


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