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Marriage From Within

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Continuous And Growing

One day it is the most beautiful you ever could imagine

Another day you are picking a fight

That can't be right

The one who will protect you against everyone and everything else

Why would do such a thing?

Feelings are so deep and you have a history with each other

You are so much a like

You think the same thoughts

You can finish each others words

That takes time

Feeling each others pain

It is true

You are one of the same

You have bonded and grown to become someone different

Your life forever changed

As you experience passion and a connection

Some things that bother you are easily exposed

For there are few secrets one can hold

As one tries to calm the other down

No reasoning and it is not long

Before plain common sense is lost

Looking back it is easy to see

Emotions were off the charts

No need to point a finger

What is done is done

We have to put this past us

Move together in harmony

We are together because we are one great team

Not a solo act

We have found are deepest faults

We have also celebrated our greatest achievements

Going forward lets make a deal

We show our positive emotions freely and strongly

Our negative emotions we corner them to paper

Where we can let the rage and hostility run wild

When your hand gets tired of writing

You have had enough of this fighting and unhappiness

Now we can at anytime see from a better point of view

All the fire and clouds of anger will have settled

We can see where a problem might lie

Now together we can work on a plan

To work out our differences and frustration

We always new

The love and the acceptance of each other

For the people we really are

We never said we were perfect

What we are is human

We all will have our bad days and our off times

It is when you need the support from the one you married

Who above all else

Loves you for you

They some how know how to make you soar

Without lifting a finger

They know you are capable of amazing things

When the time is right

They will lift you up and will always point you in the right direction

Call it intuition

They know something other people miss

No school will ever teach

I call it long term love

Make no mistake about it

Once you see it

Once you experience it

You are just so proud to say

I have never been more proud

To have married you

I love you

Today and tomorrow

I see you far in the future

By my side

Where we are the happiest we have ever been

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