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Marlboro Vs. corona

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


I loved cigarettes
It strangely fills the void
It has some. ecstasy
But I was greedy
I wanted all the ecstasy
So I inhaled a lot of harmful ones
And after twenty years
Small clots came
I stopped smoking for two years
And then I went back to smoking
Because of a despicable cop
Then I quit smoking again
The journey of the world is difficult, difficult
And immorality is strange
Love, obsessiveness, and money
And where are the hypocrites and the despicable?
And when and how
It is formed as a malicious virus
It is protected by law
And the justice of a who...
she has no religion
Look at me well look at me
Eat me, you bastard!
I am your master, I defend the truth
And about my poor country
How to flounder because of a virus
If you have a stat
Tell us how many smokers died
And how many non-smokers died?
If smoking kills the virus
Tell us, I'm looking for a reason
To inhale a Marlboro cigarette
And with an exhale. exhale
Virus and bastard together

© 2021 tabouche amin

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