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Manufactured Dreams and Illusions of a Grand Design

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Have been feeling rather contented lately

In an unexpected state of bliss after a turbulent month

Heart full of the strongest emotional kale ever known

Sounded like a horrific proposition to contend with

Better than the alternative of always feeling like a frat boy

Downing nothing but beer and pork grinds for days

Legally 45 but the maturity of a 21 year old emotionally stunted warthog

That preferred fart jokes and any toilet humor over deep thoughts

Tired of numbing down my feelings with sitcoms and chocolate

Finally found a relationship of true genuine substance

Able to share laughs as we swatted each other on the behind

And cuddled on the couch whenever deemed necessary

A year has passed and the sensation still as good the first day

Wondered if this was genuine or an optical delusion occasionally

A mirage that will vanish once the alarm clock goes off

That would be a shame because this was the best relationship

To have come across my path in years

Let's be honest: it's the longest relationship I've ever had

My longest thing before usually ended when I woke up

Danced with Gene Kelly on the beach until dawn

Felt the sand beneath my toes and enjoyed that I actually had rhythm

For at least a good solid eight to nine hours

Channeled my inner Ginger Rogers with her Hollywood better half

Well, in actual fact it was a wooden rake instead of Fred Astaire

Not as comfortable of a dancing partner as many would believe

Received a few splinters in my right palm for the trouble

Chivalry retired for that particular moment

No need to slow dance with that wooden monstrosity anymore

Flesh and blood partners better to talk to and contend with

Ready to accept that my favorite couch buddy not going anywhere

No matter what curveballs have come our way

Realized that this partnership was the real deal

Still afraid to rock the speed boat in the wrong direction

One false turn and it could all topple over into the Biscayne Bay

Time to put the peddle to the metal and see what this boat

Can really handle at a snail's pace before going full tilt boogie

If it survives another home cooked meal, anything is possible.

The joys of dancing with a live partner.

The joys of dancing with a live partner.

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