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Man's Journey from Paradise to Paradise


God took away Paradise from man,

And sent him to Earth to make its own.

Paradise is a prize for the followers of the right path;

To earn this he had to work in the earthly zone.

Virtue and purity of soul make man win;

Paradise awaits man since he was gone.

God, The Creator, made Man, The Creative,

And now the man is the creator of the world alone.

He works and progresses, he tries and gains;

He is strong and weak, he laughs and moans.

The light of his wisdom made him walk,

Till this world so glorious from the age of stone.

For each flower to be red and each leaf to be green;

He gave his soul, sweat, tears, blood and bones.

He reached the sky and conquered planets and moon,

And will keep on flying till the last wind blown.

He will get his fruit on the day of judgement,

When all will be revealed hidden and shown.

And when he will return to the Paradise above,

It will find him better and proud he won.

© 2018 Emaan Khan

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