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Man Vs. Machine: Tale as Old as Time

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

A conflict between feelings and emotions with routine

A struggle that was real and time consuming

Is it okay to walk through life a zombie or a red blooded person?

Hard to say which scenario was correct due to recent events

Mistakes were made and judgment called into question

Blood boiled over onto the kitchen counter

Mess impossible to clean up with cheap paper towels

On a brand new recovery regime that worked and didn't work as well

Some moments felt like a calm, cool and collected

Member of the New Jersey chapter of the homo sapiens

Others felt like a prisoner encased in tempered glass

Can see everything that went on outside

Unable to be part of it due to this prison being so heavy

And completely unbreakable on the inside and the outside world

Sledgehammers couldn't even break through this clear jail

Now I know why that silly cage bird sang so loud

They were eager to break free from their constraints

That society, family and modern medicine pushed on them

Just needed an opportunity to make my escape

Into the wide and completely unknown world at large

Told that it was better to be a square peg than a well rounded

Circle trying to fit in with all of the other conventional shapes

Impossible to please and fit in with the rest of them

Always managed to stand out from the maddening crowd

Where everyone trudged along at a snail's like pace

While this Roadrunner was always miles ahead of the learning curve

Maybe, an overly confident; but an accurate assessment nonetheless

Tried to slow down to the speed of Wiley Coyote

Worked for about an hour or so before the antsy behavior started

Feet moving around incessantly without a beat of music to listen to

Mind moving around like a Tasmanian Devil

Trashing the living room after a temper tantrum

Felt good to do at the moment until the chaos died down

And a mess was left to clean up

No one wants to pick up the pieces of broken glass

Unless they really wanted to get hurt or return back to the tempered cage

Let's avoid one again, shall we?

Easing on down the road at one's individual pace and in no hurry.

Easing on down the road at one's individual pace and in no hurry.

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