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Mama's Raindrops--A Poem in Response to Brenda's 13th Week Word Challenge-Raindrops



Mama sent me Raindrops from Heaven,

I knew she did when I was seven.

The coolness of water filled drops,

Soothes my hurts—so the pain stops.

Let it rain and pour,

For I will cry no more.

Most of my family is in Heaven now,

I know it is beautiful---WOW!

Raindrops are medicine to my soul,

Cleansing to make me whole.

As the little gifts of water danced on my face,

I ran to keep up the pace.

For those little wet kisses from Mama without a letter,

Made my boo-boos all better.

Inundated with precious H2O kisses,

Is what my heart misses.

I look up to Heaven and there is no sound,

Just pellets soaking the ground.

Love you Raindrops—I will keep you around,

Kiss my purple roses as you fall down.

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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