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Mama Knows

An admirer of her soul, in love with her beauty, women empowerment advocator.

You will never regret it, she said,
you wont look back and blame,
minutes, hours that passed in your vein,
you mightnt change the world with a blink of your eyes,
it mightnt be easy nor would it be hard to survive,
but you will be proud and bright like the stars,
you will thank your God for the gift you get,
you will feel joy when thier pain goes away,
thier smile, blessings will lift you up,
from the duty works day and night,
thier relief will set you free,
from the blocks of responsibilities,
Trust me, it will she said,
with her heart she cared,
Be a physician, be the help they need,
mama said and right it is indeed...


© 2021 Jalene Gedefa

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