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Malala, Hey Malala

E. David John is an exceptional writer. With a sense of depth in simple words, he conveys deep feelings into lines and spaces and meanings.


Malala, Hey Malala

Malala, Hey Malala,

I should quickly hate you Malala.

Please don't take this personal Malala,

That's how my kind your kind perceive, Malala.

Earth's grand ignorance awake and spreading wild, Malala.

Hey Malala, dear Malala,

I should quickly say this, Malala.

When your kind put holes through your head Malala,

You became my favorite cat, dear Malala.

I watch you grow strong and stronger, Malala

Often wish I could kiss you, dear beautiful Malala.


Dear Malala, My Malala

How many of us are there in the world, Malala?

How many of us didn't survive the bullets, Malala?

How many of us don't have your voice, Malala?

So much, we are a hybrid of these ignorant kinds, Malala.

My Malala, My heart

They are not listening to the wisdom we offer them, Malala

I told them everyone in this sphere should have a choice, Malala.

Keep your beliefs, only convince me with sweet romance to see gold in it, Malala

If they can hear our thoughts, life will all be a dear choice, then I could finally get to kiss you, my dearest Malala.

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