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Making the Most out of Our Day

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Busy Doing All The Things We Have To Do

Getting a good nights sleep

Is on the top of our list

For years we ran around sleep deprived

Now our work hours have changed

I had no choice but to adjust

My wife is now working from home

She loves the extra time

i can't blame her

It must be nice not to drive to and from work every day

Then there is food shopping

We go on Tuesdays

For years we went on Wednesdays on our days off

I love food shopping together

Even though many husband's and wife's do it alone

I usually pick things up we don't need

My wife convinces me

To put most of the items back

As she shops

I wonder and gaze

People watch and drift from isle to isle

I am there if she needs me

I am more like her personal assistant

She follows her list

On occasion she will ask me if we need something?

I give her that confused look

How am I suppose to know?

When we get home we put everything away

My wife fixes lunch

A lot of the times she makes an Italian sub which I love

Other times we buy a chicken already cooked

Quick and easy

Then off to work we both go

Not much else to report here

Wish it was more exciting

It's the love in doing the small things

That brings out love in the big things

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