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Making the First Move

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Lets Start With A Great Ending


Now lets work our way forward

Retracing our steps

Finally feeling comfortable with ourselves

Life doesn't always fit perfectly

We are afraid

Taking the risk

There is so much talent

Everything is fine

Naturally we can do it

It takes time

Life is a slow process

How are you doing today ?

I hope and dream

I get a lot of flack

Think of yourself as a musician

Just play something

It is better than nothing

Many people would think that is ridiculous thinking

How long will it take ?

I have no answers yet

There is no way of knowing

There is more than one way to make life work

Just add a little here

Really, really trying our best

It is not a one answer solution

An ongoing never ending story

This is my life demo

Amazing potential in every life

Right now I am just short of what I want

All right guys and girls

How many times can we repeat the process

We made it this far

My experience is all I know

Life transforming

There are no winners or losers

So many people think the opposite

Oh my God

I really enjoy what I am doing

What is my latest and personal best

I don't want to get life out of my way

I want to live my day

Ripping apart all aspects of what I do

I see myself in a different light

Incredible work to be continued...

Determination at it's core

Having a heavy heart

Life starts right now

Every moment leads to the next

We transform our life slowly

So slowly we can't even see

Until we look under the microscope

Then we see all kinds of activity

So when you think nothing is happening

You can't be farther from the truth

How about the trip along the way

A starting point

We always question ourselves

Do we have what it takes ?

What you are all about

Excuse me

What is at stake

Keep moving

Keep thinking

Today is not my greatest

I am here

I am willing

My first stumble of the day

What's going on

I am trying to expand on my feelings

Dig into the heart of the matter

Times up

What do I do now

I want to be happy

I can't prevent some things from happening

I go, go and go

All heart

Passion and the energy

All the hard work

Keeping focused

I lift myself out of vacation mode

I am still very laid back

My energy through each and every smile

My background

I'm always on the move

Here I go

No need to make a comeback

Begin here

This is only one of my days

I am off to work and try to sum up my morning then add in my ending

Trying to find a happy medium

In between reading and writing

Life is all about dreaming

Dream away

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