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Making It Right

Some things are true
Some things are not
What we choose to believe
Is where the battle is fought

The tears of a child are real
As well as the anger and plea
Spoken by those who stand
Or those on bended knee

There is no border in their hearts
My children are the same as yours
Passing through the land of their birth
Mountain rivers become weeping shores

The journey through hope is only pain
Burning fields, stormy oceans, the fire grows
But is it the sun beckoning from painted skies
Or the burning womb of a dreams still-born echoes?

Was there ever a King who knew us
The people who eat cake and watch tv
But to the governed love is worth dying for
All we must do is give our eyes for him to see

Is the challenge to survive on your own
Or to help someone from their own grave?
What did he say about the life we lead
Was it it to say no or a reaching hand to save?