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Maketh Me Clean

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


What people disired most,

A healing from physical diseases

A relief from earthly burdens

And someone to lessen their heavy daily toil

And the wants to make thy enemies suffer.

We see not the terrible diseases of our souls

That even if we speak, the breath we throw

Were like a poison to the air,

I live there, in the middle of these

Helpless throng of souls

Where some of their bodies are vanishing away

Yet not as horrible to look upon,

To witnessed these souls

It's their decaying souls that's more

Horrible and terrifying to look upon

For they cry and beg at the foot of Jesus

To heal their deep-seated physical diseases

They're hopeless and mesirable,

Their wants and begs

Are helpless to the ear

And is heartbreaking to hear.

It's not the Christ work to help you become selfish

And greedy,

It's not His work to help you build your life

In so much ambitions and lost your soul

His mission is to clean

Souls from sin, to save souls from slavery of darkness

Specially those who beg for light and those who have

Been thirst for His love and mercy

But indeed Christ loves us all and ask only

For our repentance

Most specially those lost souls

That He might see us sitting on His right side

On the day of judgement

But we are so poor in patience

And too slow in putting His words into our actions

Still, He would say put it into daily practice

And if you think you break My heart,

Who didn't? If you still can witness the fiery sun

Tomorrow this is the sign of My great patience

Maybe to few it's just another day.

But didn't we become so overwhelmed

Right before we wake up?

We feel so exhausted emotionally?

Our bones are so weak

Bloods are moving like a maple syrup

To fit in the chaos of the world

To be part of this hierarchy universe

Is so exhausting. A little farther move

It feels like I'm going to break

I hate to say that most of us live in a place

Where people are soulless

And most of them a long time ago

Forgotten that they have a heart

And oh! I sometimes happen to encounter

Them right under my nose

Silently watching their actions observing their words

Reading what hides behind their lonely eyes

I don't like to hear them say those words

But my ears are wide open

I prefer to say '' how can they be so mean? ''

And my heart just prefer to break silently

Maybe people will always be like that

It sound so sad, isn't?

But what makes the world lonelier

Is that people hate righteousness

And love sin.

The evil is working in them

It's so obvious, so much that it feels like

looking directly into thine eyes

And whispering freely into thine ears

Those who have been blind by the earthly hopes

Won't hear Him, nor can receive His merciful

Compassionate Heart

But if they'd call Him with all their heart

And in truth

And ask not for selfish desires

There's no need for cry in soul

for He hears those who call His name for repentance

And guidance to become worthy

Of His salvation

I'm a living proof, here are these people

I know what exactly the vast majority

Is asking and dying for,

Guess what? earthy pleasure

Instead of asking, oh great God bless

My longing and helpless heart

Please pardon my palsied sinful soul

I know that you are merciful

Who can maketh my sinful

Unclean and cursed soul clean.

Yet it's not what most of us ask

It isn't what few beg

We always beg for earthly ambitions

And we want more more more

Because we don't like not being praise

We fear not to fit in societies prided standards

Our ego and pride always whispering

At the back of our head saying

You need to be part of this hierarchical throng

So you can breath

And live

You need to be like them

So you can be happy

But guess what?

That's a lie.

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