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Make It Something,not Everything!


To things and people do not get attached,

If you want to be free from melancholy when they drift apart from you and are snatched.

Life once enjoyed,

Would become void.

You would feel alone.

And wold get depressed and forlorn

You would turn into a lifeless soul,With no purpose or goal.

Do not get attached but make them momentous.

When they drift apart,for a while it would be arduous.

For a while you will get sensitive,

But then you will continue to live.

Coz it was only a part,

So the anguish was momentary when it drifted apart.

So easily you will rebound and recover

And regain your zest and fervour

Do make things significant,

You will have a purpose to live and stay jubilant.

But getting attached and giving importance that is extreme and infinite,

It goes taking away all your excite.

Without a destination you will just wander,

Over the pain you will continuously ponder.

This would magnify your pain and lament

And get deeper in your subconscious mind and make a place there that is permanent.

This would make the painful thought more frequently occur,

And will make you devoid of strength and vigour.

To overcome the ordeals,

To get back yourself,the one who is original and real,

To revive,To make yourself once again alive,

To rebound,

With immense positivity ,yourself you should surround

.Positivity should be more in magnitude,

To eliminate the negativity and revive your strength,enthusiasm and fortitude.

From your subconscious mind the deprave will soon perish

Ecstasy will replace pain and anguish.

You will get back the real you and and kill the phony,

Exuberance will replace the agony.

So a thing you shouldn't tightly hold,

And neither you should be insensitive and cold.

To be strong yet vulnerable,

To be stable,

Give things value but not value that is extreme.

Otherwise,It would be gruelling for time alone to make you redeem.


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