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Make Today Better Than Ever

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All We Can Do Is Try

I look around me and see snow

The first day of Spring was yesterday

More snow heading our way

A friend told me 8 to 10 inches

Another coworker said 3 to 6

People all talk and get interested in snow

Most people that I know

Are done

They keep saying no more snow

I like the powdery white dust

That fills my yard and covers my car like a soft, white and fluffy velvet blanket

I admit it can be a hassle

You have to go out and shovel

Drive slower on the road

The highways can become slippery and dangerous

I am not a skier or a snow boarder

I don't even go out and play in it like when I was a kid

I mostly just shovel it off my stairs and back deck

Clean off my car and clear my driveway

In that moment

I realized how really special snow can be

It gives me a chance to walk across my driveway

Looking at the trees I pass by ever day

They have adorable cute little frosted tips

The firm ground that I walk on

Is now cushioned like little pillows under my feet

The air is usually cool and crisp

So I feel it enter my lungs and I see it when I exhale

I feel closer to nature

I look for markings in the snow

That could of been from a squirrel or bird

More prints probably from a dog

Some more over here

These are different than the rest

Maybe these were from a deer

So in the little time that I went out to shovel

I discovered something special

Life and the living

Soon I will go and leave this world

Back into my home, work or my car

Doing what I feel I have to do

Meanwhile a whole different world functions

Simultaneously with my world

Should I think of joining both worlds a little more often ?


I ask myself a series of questions

Even I am not sure of the answers

What activities give me the most satisfaction ?

Working in a building or being outside in the cold

As long as I am warm

Bundled up with a winter jacket and gloves

I enjoy being outside

There is something I just can't put my finger on

Nature has a way of calling us

Even though right now there is complete silence

I guess there is a lot more to life than meets the eye

I once heard beauty is in the eye of the beholder

How right they are

I wonder how many people feel the way I do ?

Wouldn't it be funny if work

No matter what jobs we do

Gave the employees fifteen minutes a day

Paid on the clock

To take a nature walk in the snow

Experience the outside

So we could revive our energy and tap into our personal power

To see the world up close


I know that isn't going to happen

Then my very next thought

I realized I don't need work to do what I can do

I have a keen ability

So I slowly closed my eyes for a few minutes

Take a number of deep breaths

Well in my mind it has happened and it makes me feel good

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