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Make One Choice When You Have Three

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You Can't Do It All

Unfortunately, decisions have to be made

We make choices

That leaves us uneasy and incomplete

No matter how hard we try

Things don't always go our way

We have to settle for less

I make sure I do a good job on what I start

I don't cut corners or do half-ass

Even though it might be done sooner

Then another project could be started

What is the purpose if you can't do it right the first time

You only will have to do it again later

I stand behind my work

As if I had put my name on it

When done, I look over with great satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment

I was mowing the yard when I also had some cleaning inside the house to do

It is going to rain tomorrow

So if I put off the mowing

The grass will be wet and it could be another week before it is done

Both take most of my day off

Yesterday was a wash

It was too windy to be outside and piles of leaves would create a bigger mess

With food shopping out of the way

Later it felt good to relax and watch a little t.v.

Today started off great

I was able to squeeze in washing and drying the clothes

I picked up leave piles from last week

All mulched and ready to be composted

I could feel my stomach muscles tense

Last week I accomplished a lot

Still not enough time in the day

I am calling it a night

Maybe I will think of a better way

To make things right

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