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Make No Mistake About It

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I Need Your Love

We are busy

I get that

We work hard and do everything we can

To make our day beautiful

Little sleep and always craving for more

Exercising on the fly

Filling in our hours

With so many activities

Take out all the doctors appointments, errands, and daily chores

My greatest love will always be

Not what you may think

Not the hours of Facebook and the Internet

The programs on t.v.

Listening to the country music in the car

Which are all interesting and make you smile

They don't compare to the love that you give

The long hugs that continue after the day is gone

A simple smile that catches my eye

Your voice and the powerful words that leave your lips

The tender kisses that renew our love

When we are alone

Arm and arm

Rejoicing privately

Celebrating our deepest love

That is often put on hold

Left to later when we have more time

To be far above all the rest

Next time you think of something else

Remember it wouldn't be the same

Without the love that continues to grow

Endless and so passionate

Every time is like the first time

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