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Make More Room For Good

Together Forever

To a lot of people, it might seem like a death sentence

For my wife and I

It's another dream come true

Even the simplest things

Can become so much fun

We bought the new room air conditioner

Luckily for us, there was not much to do

We had a little trouble at the start

Now it all worked out

We ate lunch backwards

Starting with dessert

A popsicle and then an ear of corn

A small portion of pudding

Then the main course

A la cheese burger's with all the fixin's

With ketchup, mayonnaise , mustard, relish and sweet peppers

Sweet pickles and a garden salad

A little later some delicious chocolate fudge ice cream

Relaxing all day

Each of us in different rooms

I like to write

My wife likes her cooking shows

Always checking in on each other

We have our shows we watch together

In between washing up those dirty dishes

Putting the sprinkler on to water some of our plants in the front yard

Making sure our phones are on charge

Reading and dreaming

Of greater days and awesome nights

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